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Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a perfect way to pass an unexpected, unannounced drug test. Our synthetics work for males or females and have the same chemical properties as natural human urine. Synthetic urine has been proven to work nearly every time. We offer only the best synthetic urine products such as Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus and Rapid Clear Clean Pee. We also carry heating pads to help keep your synthetic urine warm.

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Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine

$54.95 USD $69.95 USD

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the ultimate way to pass any drug test. 3 oz Quick Fix unisex synthetic urine. Includes heat pad to keep urine at body temperature.

Rapid Clear clean pee front

Rapid Clear Clean Pee

$29.95 USD $45.95 USD

Clean Pee can be used by males and females and has the same pH balance, creatinine, and specific gravity as real human urine! All you need is a few ounces of tap water and a heating pad or hand warmer.


The Stash Strap

$29.95 USD $39.95 USD

The Stash Strap is the perfect solutions for those that need fake urine strap holder to conceal their Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine or other valuables.

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